Quality system

Motto: Quality today is our well-being tomorrow.

Quality policy major goal:

Produce the refined vegetable oils with high quality, meeting the customer’s requirements as well as legal and other mandatory requirements and guaranteeing the sustainable financial position of the organization.

Ways to achieve the specified goal:

·         Improvement of activities for studying and satisfying the customer’s requirements;

·         Continuous work with the suppliers to ensure quality of purchased products for long-lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation;

·         Improvement of production and quality of products by implementation of advanced technologies and progressive forms of job arrangement;

·         Regular development of competence and skills of organization’s personnel and its involvement into the activities for continuous improvement of operation of the quality management system;

·         Arrangement of conditions making each employee interested in improvement of results of ones work;

·         Production of high-quality products made of natural raw materials free of genetically modified organisms and not using any artificially synthesized substances;

·         Usage of safe technologies for company’s products making.

The management of Bobruisk Vegetable Oil Plant OJSC undertakes to provide resources necessary for implementation of the Organization’s Quality Policy and Goals and personally demonstrates its adherence to quality.

The certificate for the quality management system as applied to the development and production of vegetable oils.
The certificate for the occupational health and safety system as applied to the development and production of vegetable oils.
Certificate for «Natural Product» marking
Kosher certificate