About company


About company

The history of OJSC «Bobruisk factory of vegetable oils» has begun in 1898. For the more than century history the factory changed names and owners, but always remained true to great traditions which with pride honors today.

To achieve the quality that meets the requirements of the European vegetable oils market, in 2016   company produced a comprehensive modernization of the refining and deodorization. Efficiency technologies, achieved at the expense of the Danish and German equipment allowed to increase capacity up to 70 tons per day, has expanded the range of products, it created new types of products, improve the quality of the oils that meet European standards, that: of course guarantees the possibility of a permanent consumer demand as the domestic and foreign markets.

So: we plan – firstly it concerns to equipment modernization and technologies applied today, and also release of products essentially new to us. And thus we analyze the market, we communicate with our buyers and partners, aspiring to be flexible, mobile and to work in those directions which for today are perspective or become those tomorrow.

One more important point: as any manufacturer, we in the answer that we make, and for those who chooses our production because our family – among our steady customers, and their health – our care. For this reason Society mission sounds as: care of health of the Belarus nation by means of manufacture of non-polluting production.

Today OJSC «Bobruisk factory of vegetable oils» is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise, whose manufacture allows letting out daily to 70 tons of qualitative vegetable oil. The enterprise is capable to carry out a full cycle of processing of vegetable oil: refining, bleaching, frost operations, deodorization and pouring in PET-BOTTLES of various capacities. Includes the refined and unrefined vegetable oils in wide assortment: sunflower, rape, mustard, false flax, blend (mixed) oils.