In 2016, the refining and deodorization unit was comprehensively modernized in the company. Computer systems and special software are used to control each stage in oil production, guaranteeing that the European quality standards in vegetable oil production are met by the company. Due to the improved modern-technology oil clarification system installed at the plant, carcinogen-free refined oil can be produced.

The certified quality control laboratory is in operation at the facility itself, providing continuous supervision over quality of raw materials delivered to the plant as well as finished products. The products are subject to three-level quality control. The first control level means inspection of quality characteristics of raw materials delivered to the plant; at the next level, samples taken during the raw material processing are tested; and the last control level means inspection of finished products, with samples taken from each lot.

Many production companies in Belarus use the refined oil produced by BZRM as a high-quality raw material for making other products such as mayonnaise, chips, various snacks etc.

The plant capacity in terms of refined oil production is 70 tons per day. In terms of its production capacity, the company is in the Top 3 of vegetable oil producing enterprises in the Republic of Belarus. As of today, the products are offered in PET bottles: 5000 ml / 4.6 kg, 950 ml / 0.87 kg, 850 ml / 0.78 kg; vegetable oil is also available in containers, 500 ml / 0.46 kg.