Our History

The history of OJSC «Bobruisk factory of vegetable oils» has begun in 1898. For the more than century history the factory changed names and owners, but always remained true to great traditions which with pride honors today.

To achieve the quality that meets the requirements of the European vegetable oils market, in 2016 the company produced a comprehensive modernization of the refining and deodorization. Efficiency technologies, achieved at the expense of the Danish and German equipment allowed to increase capacity up to 70 tons per day, has expanded the range of products, it created new types of products, improve the quality of the oils that meet European standards, that: of course guarantees the possibility of a permanent consumer demand as the domestic and foreign markets


For today OJSC «Bobruisk factory of vegetable oils» is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise, which hi-tech manufacture allows letting out daily to 40 tons of qualitative vegetable oil of various kinds. The enterprise is capable to carry out a full cycle of processing of vegetable oil: refining, bleaching, frost operations, deodorization and pouring in PET-BOTTLES of various capacities. Since 2010 at the enterprise it is introduced and operates the system of quality management taking into account requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009. Also in 2010 the Society receives the kosher certificate, given out by kashrut Department at the Main rabbinate of Russia that has allowed presenting to the Belarus consumers a new product in the best traditions of kashrut – the sunflower refined deodorized kosher oil «Shalom», already found the admirers among the steady customers preferring Belarus production. The program of technical development and OJSC «Bobruisk factory of vegetable oils» re-equipment provides within the next two years carrying out modernization of a refining and deodorizations section and that will allow raising quality of let out oil. Complex modernization of manufacture will promote increase in volume of output, expansion of assortment and creation of new production kinds.


In 2009 modernization of a pouring line has been spent - the new highly effective Italian equipment on vegetable oil pouring in PET-BOTTLES by productivity of 2, 5 thousand bottles at an o'clock was bought. The line has own PET-BLOWN installation, allowing to spill oil in PET-BOTTLES of various capacity. For today production is issued in bottles in capacity of 950 ml/0,87kg, 850 ml/0,78 kg. Also vegetable oil is delivered in capacities in volume of 5000 ml/4,6 kg and 500 ml/ 0,46 kg.


Despite economic difficulties of the post reorganization period, administration, considering requirements of republic for let out production, decides to begin building of new section. In 1996 the building section on oil packaging, and also a new office building is put in operation.


In conformity with the Order of the State committee on management of the state property and privatizations of Byelorussia № 222 from December, 30th, 1993 the state enterprise «Factory of vegetable oils of a name of Oderiho» has been transformed to Open joint stock company «Bobruisk factory of vegetable oils».


For the enterprise there is a notable problem of a seasonal schedule of the work connected with periodicity in deliveries of raw materials. Therefore in the eighties the Bobruisk oil milling factory builds special capacities for single storage of 3, 5 thousand tons of raw materials that allows providing trouble-free work of the enterprise within all year. The enterprise was one of leaders in oil and fat industries of the USSR and Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, for achievement of the best results it repeatedly admitted the winner and occupied prize-winning places in All-Union and republican socialist competitions, was awarded by passing Red banners.


In the seventies the factory works in two and even in three pairs. The enterprise collective totals nearby 200 persons. Daily from conveyors of the Bobruisk oil milling factory descends to 40 tons of the packaged oil. On a total power the refining section works, daily is making about 30 tons of the refined oil. Production of the Bobruisk oil milling factory was delivered on many factories of the USSR, including the Leningrad factory of art paints.


Under the remained data, on Bobruisk oil milling factory in 1927 55 persons worked.


After civil war the enterprise is restored and starts to work. In 1924 the refining section is equipped.


With arrival of the Soviet power, in July, 1920, the oil milling factory passes in conducting Belpishchetrest, and since the same time to it the name «Bobruisk oil milling factory of a name of G.P.Oderiho» in honor of the hero of civil war shot Belo pole, Gerasim Prohorovicha Oderiho is appropriated.


According to archival documents, in days of the Polish occupation the oil milling factory passes in rent using of the private owner - mister Gapkin. At deviation of Poles from a city the majority of cars of the factory has been resulted in full worthlessness.


In 1912 at the factory Vilensky establishes portable engine systems «Hanza» capacity of 105 horse powers.


In 1911 for needs of the growing enterprise one more is under construction, the third, brick building.


Vilensky’s foresight and boldness induce him at the very beginning of 20 centuries to the further modernization and even electrification of the factory. In the project have been designated places for installation of a dynamo-car, a switchboard, leading of an electric network. However Vilensky doesn't stop on it: he starts «the device of flour-grinding factory in an existing stone building at oil milling factory».


Merchant I.Z.Vilenskiy has paid attention that «oil milling business in Bobruisk district had purely handicraft character» and has decided to begin building and the equipment of the first stage of steam oil milling factory. The new factory settled down on the Varshavsko-Brest highway, near under construction impellent mechanical, boiler and foundry Sventorzhetsky and Smetjushevsky.