Sunflower meal is the byproduct when production of vegetable oils obtained after pressing and extraction of oilseeds.

The pressing is called the process of extrusion of oil from oilseeds. The process of extraction consists in extraction of residual oil from seeds after pressing using organic solvents. In this case, if presscake obtained after pressing contains residual oil up to 10 %, the sunflower meal contains the same up to 1.5 - 2 %.

Sunflower meal is indispensable as high-protein addition when production of combine feed for cattle, pigs, birds, as it contains natural proteins, cellulose, vitamins Е and В, potassium, phosphorus and the other mineral substance.

Sunflower meal – valuable feed contained 38–40% of whole protein, wide variety of amino acids, in particular, high content of methionine which have beneficial effect on growth and development of young growth. As compared to presscake the sunflower meal contains somewhat bigger amount of whole proteins but less fat – not over 1.5%. The content of husk is not more than 16% ( sunflower meal can be produced without husk).

The content of vitamin В in sunflower meal is much higher than the same of soya. The sunflower meal is rich in niacin, riboflavin, holding, biotin, pantothenic acid and pyridoxine. In addition, sunflower meal is excellent source of vitamin Е.

Fields of application of sunflower meal:

The sunflower meal is applied for feeding of animals, birds and fish. It is used in pure form and as an additive in combine feed. It contains up to 43% of easily digestible protein. Sunflower meal increases the productivity of animals, improves the quality of cattle-breeding products. It increases the content of fat in milk and daily yield of milk of cows.

Sunflower meal quality characteristics

Moisture and volatile substance content, w/w %


Crude protein content calculated on absolutely dry substance basis, w/w %


Crude fat content calculated on absolutely dry substance basis, w/w %


Crude fibre content in a defatted product calculated on absolutely dry substance basis, w/w %